Eco-friendly concrete waste management company in Australia

If you are looking for an affordable, eco-friendly way to dispose of your concrete washout waste, you need You Skipit! Our innovative waste management system disposes of your waste safely and responsibly, helping to protect the planet and show your customers you care!

High quality, innovative concrete waste solution

Our products are made in Australia to Work Cover standards by a specialist skip bin manufacturer, and they exceed all current Australian concrete waste BMPs and regulations. Designed to industry standards and specifications, our skips are very simple to use. If you haven’t used a skip before, we will provide a free, simple demonstration.


Tailored Skipit system for concrete trucks and pumps

Our patented system comes specifically tailored for both concrete trucks and pumps.


Truck skip

Our tailor-made skip is perfect for Ready-Mix trucks. Simple to use, portable and watertight, our skip captures and securely contains all concrete washout waste and water on-site. Our unique filtering process separates the water and cement solids, ready for recycling. The contaminated water accumulates in the skip, is pumped back into a concrete truck and then transported back to the batching plant to be reused for concrete manufacturing.


Pump skip 

Our patented pump skip is specifically adapted for concrete pumps and has the same high-quality concrete waste capture and filtering system as our truck skip. Both skips have been designed to standard industry sizes. 

Great reviews for our Skipit system!
We think our system is revolutionary, and so do our customers!

NSW Dept. of Commerce, 5 February 2007

“The system allows for the total collection of all water and concrete washouts and allows the waste water to be re-used in the batching of future concrete. The results of the trials showed that the system was both easy to use and is a positive environmental step forward from the old practice of washing concrete trucks onto the ground.”
To find out more today about our revolutionary, eco-friendly concrete waste management systems, call 02 6457 1030 today!
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