Affordable concrete washout management in Australia

Are you a responsible company who cares about protecting the planet? If you are searching for an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your concrete washout waste, call You Skipit today!

Show your customers you care!

Your customers expect you to be a responsible company, so show them you care by using our Skipit solution for disposing of your concrete washout waste. Our innovative recycling system is specially designed to protect the planet and is available for construction companies, councils and government departments across the globe. 

Our Skipit solution

We believe you won’t find a better way to dispose of your concrete washout waste, and we’re not the only ones who think so! Our skips are currently being used on leading projects in ACT including the ANU, BWA and by the government.

Our Skipit system is simple and incredibly effective.  Your concrete washout waste is contained in a specially designed skip that helps keep your site clean, helping to improve on-site health and safety. When you’re ready, our friendly team will remove the skip for recycling. Even better, our system is highly affordable, as bins can be simply managed on-site and hired for a low weekly fee.

To find out more about our innovative, eco-friendly concrete washout waste disposal services, call 02 6457 1030 today!

Innovative & environmentally friendly

The standard method of disposing of concrete washout waste is causing extensive damage to the environment. The figures are staggering!

  • 41,000m3 of waste concrete and concrete aggregate are generated each year – about half the amount required to build the 63-floor Rialto Towers in Melbourne!
  • Concrete trucks and concrete pumps require 41 million litres of water per year for ‘concrete washouts’ – this is enough water to provide for a city of 5,000 for nearly two months.

Worryingly, a substantial amount of this ‘washout’ water and concrete waste is dumped, resulting in significant environmental damage to land and storm-water systems. But with our Skipit system, you can relax, knowing your concrete waste will be recycled.

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